Women’s Health

Homeopathy for Women’s Health includes Menstrual problems and irregularities, recurrent Infections etc.
through to Hormonal imbalance and the Menopause.

I regularly see young women for whom Periods are a great cause for concern, along with Contraception and Fertility issues (see section on Pregnancy).  I also see women with e.g. endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, itching, thrush and cystitis – to name a few.  It can be reassuring to talk in full confidence about personal issues with a female health care practitioner and I will do all that I can to help. Women have never before been subject to so much biological manipulation and suppression – we are in danger of forgetting who we really are – time to find out!

I have a particular interest in the Menopause.  I have seen many women suffering from the physical effects of hormone imbalance at this time of life and Homeopathy can address these issues without adding to the toxic overload that so often goes with 21st Century life.  Of course emotional and mental challenges often accompany the ‘Change’ and Homeopathy is ideally suited to care for the whole person.  I enjoy this rewarding work.

Homeopathy Courses – small group workshops

I also offer courses for small groups of women to share and support each other through transitional times with as much ease, well-being and resilience as possible.


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