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Frequently Asked Questions2017-06-19T06:32:59+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Homeopathy suitable for all ages?2017-06-19T06:32:59+00:00

Yes.  Homeopathy can be used from Pregnancy and birth onwards.  Homeopathy is non toxic and non addictive and there are no side effects; this makes Homeopathy eminently suitable for all ages.  It is particularly valued by the old and frail, for whom other treatments may not be possible.

Can Homeopathy be taken alongside conventional drugs and medicine?2014-01-07T14:44:54+00:00

Yes.  Where conventional drugs are already being taken, Homeopathy can be taken alongside of them.  Homeopathy will not add to nor complicate existing toxicity levels.  Homeopathy may lessen the side effects of essential drugs.  The need for extra drugs such as pain killers,  sleeping pills, anti depressants etc. may be reduced by using Homeopathy.


What happens in a Homeopathic Consultation?2017-06-19T06:32:59+00:00

The First Consultation involves talking to me about your current ailment, other existing conditions from which you suffer and wider information about your lifestyle and interests so that I can begin to put together a picture of your unique individuality –  from which to base my Homeopathic remedy prescription.

I will ask questions to make sure I get the information I need.  Please bring with you, information on current drugs and treatments.

You will be in a comfortable and appropriate environment and can have a cup of tea whilst we talk.   All information is confidential and will not be shared without your involvement

For an Adult, the first consultation lasts an hour and a half, as we cover a lot of ground.

Subsequent consultations last 45 minutes.

How does a child’s Homeopathic Consultation differ?2017-06-19T06:32:59+00:00

A child’s first appointment may be shorter if necessary – an hour may be sufficient, although an hour and a half is usual.  Comfortable surroundings allow the child to play with appropriate toys, book and drawing materials as desired.

My observation of the child playing gives me a great deal of insight into the child’s character and in no way detracts from my information gathering.  Babies are naturally, most revealing through observation and other  siblings can attend if necessary.

I rely on the parent for detailed health and development information and this can be given at the appointment or separately.

Parents stay throughout a younger patient’s appointment but are also welcome to stay with teenagers, if this is what the young person requests.  Usually we start all together and I will decide if a private conversation would be useful, if that is what is wanted.  For teenagers, this one to one time with me, is usually very fruitful and allows a deeper engagement to take place.

How much will it cost?2013-09-08T17:29:39+00:00

How much will it Cost?

As of May 2015

An Adults’ First Consultation of 1 hour 30 minutes costs £75

Subsequent visits of 45 minutes cost £45

A Child’s First Consultation of 1 hour – 1 hour 30 minutes costs £65

Subsequent visits of 45 minutes cost £35

All Homeopathic Remedies prescribed, are included in the cost of your visit.

Occasionally creams, flower essences etc. are recommended, which are extra at cost price.

Concessions may be available, at my discretion.


How often will I need to see my Homeopath?2017-06-19T06:32:59+00:00

How Often will I need to see my Homeopath?

This will depend on the nature of your ailments, how deep seated they are, what other treatment you are on and how long you have suffered from them.  It also depends on the individual; as some patients respond very quickly to remedies whereas others may be slow and steady.  Homeopathy is very much an individually tailored system; no two patients are the same.  Acute ailments may only need one or two appointments.  A more chronic or inherited condition, perhaps where there are added complications, will take longer.  If you have suffered for the last 20 years, please don’t expect an overnight miracle!  I always keep an open mind on what is possible but I am also realistic, thorough and patient.  I usually see patients once every 5 or 6 weeks until this is no longer needed.  Where a condition’s progress is rapid, I would want to see the patient more frequently in order to keep pace with changes as they arise.  Patients can also keep contact by email and phone as needed in these situations.  In general, patients tend to see me when they have a problem, until they are better and then they are free to contact me as needed in future.  In this way, families are ‘on the books’ for years although I may not see them for long stretches of time as health improves and they happily get on with their lives.  In the mean time, I am delighted to say, they recommend me to others.

Do I need to tell my Doctor?2013-06-08T17:51:54+00:00

Do I need to tell my Doctor?

It is advisable to notify your doctor if you are being treated for a long term condition and particularly if you are on existing medication.  Homeopathy can be taken alongside conventional medication and no changes to your drug regime should be undertaken without their advice.

I am happy to advise your Doctor of your Homeopathic care should this be required.

Where remedies are given for use during specific medical procedures, written guidance for other healthcare practitioners’ information is given to the patient to pass on routinely.