Kinesiology and Flower Essences


In April 2013 I obtained a Certificate in Therapeutic Energy Kinesiology (TEK), including the use of Living Tree Orchids as an enhancement to health, well being and personal development work.  Since that time I have been increasingly using TEK as a separate discipline in its own right.

It may be useful as an aid to detection of possible Nutritional imbalances e.g. Vitamins and Minerals, potential food intolerances and Allergies etc. It may also be used to assess the potential efficacy of selected remedies and essences.

Personal Development

Kinesiology may highlight unhelpful belief structures which may inhibit personal growth and which can subsequently be addressed in Personal Development Work.

My continued work with Living Tree Orchids provides an opportunity for greater sensitivity and realignment of the energy systems of the body (Chakras etc.) and the enhanced well being, heightened intuition and wisdom that this affords.  I have used them in diverse situations including where deep trauma has been experienced and also for palliative care.



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