Homeopathy for Growing Up

As we grow up, Homeopathy is there for all the little things that get in the way of just getting on and enjoying family life.

Childhood ailments are part of  life and as we become acquainted with bugs and dirt, the healthy immune system is getting a ‘work out’, growing stronger and learning to cope.

We can’t wrap our children in cotton wool but with careful management,  simple ailments need not get out of hand.  Most of us can remember having bouts of Chicken Pox, coughs and colds and not everything needs to be treated.  However, sometimes a Homeopathic remedy can mean the difference between the odd sleepless night and a totally ruined holiday!

Sometimes conventional medicine may seem inappropriate for your child.  I am always available to discuss your concerns about the over toxicity your children could be exposed to.

Homeopathy can be used when drugs have been repeatedly given and yet the same condition reoccurs.  The over use of non-essential antibiotics is now being discouraged as resistance builds up and new ‘super bugs’ appear. Meanwhile, simple conditions may be becoming more fixed and difficult to manage and the child’s immune system may be growing weaker. Homeopathy will not add to this toxic state and will also support the child’s emotional well being at the same time.

A Healthy Child, is a Happy Child!

Parents and teachers often comment that as their health improves, children also seem to go through a mental/emotional developmental leap  – such as suddenly being able to sleep on their own, get along with their siblings, read or ride a bike etc.  Homeopathy is Holistic; it addresses the whole person, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Teenagers too!

Teenagers can be seen on their own if appropriate or with a parent or carer.  Hormones greatly effect the Emotions of both genders and at Puberty, children go into over drive. Everything can become super charged!  Exams are looming and bodies are changing, sometimes at an alarming rate. Just when they are at their most self conscious, they have to deal with things such as Acne, Body Odour, Growth spurts, Periods and Panic Attacks!  No wonder their mood swings can also be quite extreme and unpredictable; for themselves as well as others.

Homeopathy is in a uniquely helpful position at this time, as a more relaxed port of call.   I have worked with teenagers in diverse settings and they can explain their concerns both physical and mental/emotional to me in Full Confidence,  without some of the barriers that other professions may pose.  Being listened to with full attention is, of itself, both rare and helpful. To also address their physical concerns in a gentle, straight forward and effective manner, can represent a huge weight off their shoulders.  Problems that could seem too trivial to bother other health care professionals with, can grow to overshadow a young person’s whole outlook at this time, if not handled in a sensitive and common sense way.  Working with teenagers can be very rewarding.


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