Homeopathy for Animals

Animal welfare is important to me.  As an advocate of Homeopathy for people, I also see that it should also be available and accessible to animals, via their owners.  I am not a vet and therefore cannot treat animals homeopathically at the moment, (though friends’ and family’s animals have always benefited).  However, I can teach the animal owners themselves how to use Homeopathy where appropriate for their animals.

HAWL  (Homeopathy at Wellie Level) is a fairly new body who teach farmers and the like, to treat their own animals by using homeopathy.  It is actively supported by Prince Charles and already has an enthusiastic following which I am keen to assist.  I have completed the official HAWL training course and continue to add to this training. As an already qualified and registered Homeopath, I am a keen supporter of HAWL and all that it stands for – the responsible availablility and use of Homeopathic care for animals as well as humans.
Heather supports HAWL  – for farmers who want to learn more about homeopathy for animals. www.hawl.co.uk

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User-Friendly Courses in Homeopathy, for Animals in your Care

I run short courses for animal owners to teach them to look after their own animals with Homeopathy and thereafter to obtain support and advice as they hone their skills for the benefit of their animals.  To date I have seen Homeopathy used on Horses, Cows, Pigs, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and injured wild birds!  If I am not able to help myself – I can certainly find someone else who can! Please contact me for details.


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