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I see women during their pregnancy or even before with their partner, if fertility is an issue. This is the time when many people meet Homeopathy for the first time!  Including me!

Many drugs are simply not appropriate for a pregnant woman and her unborn child and doing nothing seems like an unfair option when quite often, extra health support is needed. Homeopathy is eminently suitable for pregnancy as it is non-toxic, never addictive and with no side effects.  It is gentle and effective.  It worked for me and my four children.  After this first introduction most women never look back, going on to use Homeopathy for their entire families for years to come.

As the labour draws near, I meet with their birth partner (where appropriate)  in order to prepare them as well as possible, with a suitable, easy to use remedy kit. Advice and guidance is available if needed.  After the birth, home visits can be arranged to provide help with breast feeding, sleepless nights, colic etc.

Sometimes, things do not go as planned. Homeopathy may be a gentle and nurturing way of alleviating pain and heart ache; helping you to recover.
I have 4 grown up children and one grandson, all of whom have enjoyed the benefits of Homeopathy from before they saw the light of day – to the present.

Informative Public Speaking

I am available for talks at NCT, La Leche league meetings etc.


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