About Me – Heather Abel

I am a Qualified and Registered Homeopath, (2004 PHSH. RSHom) www.homeopathy-soh.org seeking to encourage Health, Balance and Harmony in a much-troubled world. These qualities can live in each individual and from that starting point – everything else, can grow. Homeopathy is an extension of my existing and evolving value systems.

With a BA/BSc Hons Degree in English and Psychology, (1981, Brookes Uni.)and a background in Spiritual Healing/Guidance, Personal Development and Meditation, my studies and experience have led me to explore the undeniable links between Life, Health and the wider Environment.  I have a husband, four children and a beautiful grandson and pets, all of whom have grown up with Homeopathy.

As well as working at 2 clinics in private practice, I volunteer as a regular Homeopath at a local ‘Assisted Living’ project for disadvantaged Adults withdrawing and recovering from Abuse, Addictions, Trauma and Homelessness. I have worked with Adults with learning difficulties and helped to set up and run various groups for young people, women’s groups and in Personal Development.

My wider interests reflect my beliefs:-  Organic and Bio-dynamic Gardening at my Allotment and on our local Community Garden project, the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and the creative Arts, Music and Dance.  I was responsible for First Aid (Homeopathic of course) in a national young persons’ folk group on their camping and festival forays, dealing with… whatever cropped up!  (For many of the families, this was their first introduction to Homeopathy).  I have led children’s creative and expressive dance classes both in schools and privately and been involved in running workshops, choreography and performances. I lead various courses in Homeopathy and related subjects as well as private Retreats.  Animal welfare is also of great importance to me, hence my work in this area (HAWL etc.).

Heather Abel - Female Homeopath in Oxfordshire
Hermes with the Healing Caduceus, Buscot Park, Farringdon

Hermes with the Healing Caduceus, Buscot Park, Farringdon