How Often will I need to see my Homeopath?

This will depend on the nature of your ailments, how deep seated they are, what other treatment you are on and how long you have suffered from them.  It also depends on the individual; as some patients respond very quickly to remedies whereas others may be slow and steady.  Homeopathy is very much an individually tailored system; no two patients are the same.  Acute ailments may only need one or two appointments.  A more chronic or inherited condition, perhaps where there are added complications, will take longer.  If you have suffered for the last 20 years, please don’t expect an overnight miracle!  I always keep an open mind on what is possible but I am also realistic, thorough and patient.  I usually see patients once every 5 or 6 weeks until this is no longer needed.  Where a condition’s progress is rapid, I would want to see the patient more frequently in order to keep pace with changes as they arise.  Patients can also keep contact by email and phone as needed in these situations.  In general, patients tend to see me when they have a problem, until they are better and then they are free to contact me as needed in future.  In this way, families are ‘on the books’ for years although I may not see them for long stretches of time as health improves and they happily get on with their lives.  In the mean time, I am delighted to say, they recommend me to others.